Let’s look at this from a closer point of view. Our point of view. The way we see it, it is not just about ensuring the safety and the quality of your products. We see it in completion because every single detail, however minute matters.

Essentially our services is best encapsulated by the idea of ‘FROM FARM TO FORK’. What this means is that before your product becomes market ready we support you in Analytical Lab Services and Nutritional Labelling, Halal Services, Tested by UNIPEQ, Training & Academy, Glycemic Index Studies, Best Approach Consultancy and Certification.

We are part of JAKIM’s Halal Professional Board (HPB) and JAKIM’s Panel Laboratory where we produce competent Halal Executive and Internal Halal Auditors.

Our team of learned experts are experienced professionals and are ever ready to meet all your needs and wants to ensure that your product meets the market in the best form possible.


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